My name is Nadeche, I am 25 years old, and I am currently living in The Hague, The Netherlands. I have been creating content already since I was nine years old. When I turned twelve, I got my first camera. After this, I started to create edits, for example, after movies of my camp holidays in Greece.

Further, after having finished off high school, I decided to enrol in the study Communication and Multimedia design, where I recently graduated from and obtained my Bachelor of Science(BSc). During this study, I did an internship and worked at various video production companies. However, after having gained these valuable experiences with my study, I have decided to continue as a freelancer that will provide service for creating concepts and performing to enhance or develop individuals, organizations, or third parties their digital content.


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I love birds and got when I was a child my little parrot, which I gave the name “Elfie” as she was born on the 11th of January. Next to this, I always had a curiosity about how birds were viewing their area from the sky. Further, as a little girl, I was spending many hours on Google Earth, which enabled me to see the world from a different perspective, which I define as the “birds’ perspective.”

Nowadays, I like to fly with my drone, which I have got since 2018. My drone allows me to create photo and video content of high quality from my authentic perspective. This has been something I have been longing as a child. Thanks to the fast-paced technology development of cameras and drones, they are these days convenient enough to take pictures and video material in 4K/RAW.

During my study Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD), I followed the specialization minor in photography at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. At this point, I had to say farewell to the usage of the automatic camera mode and welcoming the manual camera mode.

These days, I create photo and video content with the usage of the Sony a7iii. For each shoot, I consider carefully which lens provides satisfactory results.

My interests in creating photo and video content lie mainly in recording events special occasions (e.g., weddings), landscapes, architecture, animals, and travel (tourism)


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